Susquehanna Valley Garden Railway Society
Central Pennsylvania's Garden Railway Club
Equipment Suppliers

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Aristocraft Trains
Aristocraft Trains

Moderately priced Large Scale trains
of American Standard and
Narrow Gauge Prototypes
1:22.5 and 1:29 Scale
Bachmann Trains
Bachmann Large Scale Trains

Moderately priced Large Scale trains
of American Prototypes
1:22.5 scale
USA Trains
USA Trains

Moderately priced trains based on American Prototypes 1:32 scale.
LGB of America

German made high quality trains, both European and American prototypes
Accucraft Trains
Accucraft Trains

Accucraft Trains are superb railroad models based on stringent design principles, precision manufacturing and uncompromised reliability.

Heartland Locomotive Works
Hartland Locomotive Works

Hartland specializes in high-quality, affordable G-Scale Locomotives and Rolling Stock such as coaches, freight cars and cabooses.